DJ Jukebox

DJ Jukebox 28.0

An essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists

Dj jukebox 6.0 is a software which allows you to create playlists to be played on any media player you use.
With DJ Jukebox, you simply need to select which songs you want to include in the playlist, the software can also randomly choose songs to create a playlist, thus, the lists of songs can be created either manually or automatically.
The software makes sure, that no song is included twice in the same playlist, the songs can be rated from 0 to 100, which will make them more or less likely to be played, if the rating of a song is 0, then it won't be played at all.

Dj Jukebox is not only a playlist generator, it also allows you to manage your media files, you can copy, cut, delete, rename, all of this, with more than one file at a time, it can rename or move an entire directory

The software can create playlists which can be played by any media player, and supports any kind of media file, what makes it is great software to help you create, manage and organize you songs and playlists.

Special Features:

* It features two rating values: one for personal use, and one when you have guests.
* The playlist's songs can be checked to prevent including a nonexistent file or illegal rating.
* Songs that have poor quality sound can be marked as "bad" to prevent the song from being included in a playlist.
* Created playlists can be saved.
* Two identical songs can be identified and deleted.

Free trial limitations:
* Only 10 songs allowed in playlist
* Limited to 500 playlists

Runs on Windows 95/98/98SE/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista

Tomas O'Rourke
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Review summary


  • Manage you media files
  • Supports all media files


  • The free trial version has some limitations
  • Unatractive interface
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